Sport is important. It’s always been a part of our extracurricular activities. However, just like any other activities sport needs preparation. Among high school students, sport’s day is one of the most exciting event of getting along and cheering with friends. It’s exciting in a sense that there are different teams competing in different kinds of field in sports. Sport is not as easy as what we think, because for some students they are joining various games to be self-fulfilled and attain their goal to win over their competitors. As we all know,  there is no short cut in our journey to winning or to the road of success. If we want to win, we need to work hard for it. According to Bobby Unser, “Success is where preparation and opportunity meet.” Therefore, it requires extra time and additional effort.  So, “To all EP student players, goodluck!”. May you all harvest the fruit of your determination and perseverance. Don’t forget that win or lose, the most significant thing to remember is that you had fun. Fight! Fight! Fight!

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